VenueWood™ is an engineered medium-density fiber (MDF) board designed for excellent sound absorption. With a natural wood grain and customizable dimensions, VenueWood™ is an attractive acoustic solution that raises the performance bar.


Basic Material

VenueWood™ Acoustic System is 15 mm to 18 mm thick. A sound-absorbing black thin acoustic fleece is attached to the back.


Grooved planks connect tongue and groove edges on the long side. Perforated panels connect groove or square edges on all sides.


Width & Length: ± 2 mm

MDF cores and uses

VenueWood™ is available with different cores.
• Standard E1 core: General use
• Black core: For aesthetics
• Red core: Flame Retardant
• Green core: Moisture resistant and mildew-proof
• E0 core: Low formaldehyde emission


VenueWood™ is available with different finishes and colors:
Engineered Veneer - Engineered Veneers, also known as reconstituted veneers, are made from real wood but are engineered through pre-developed dye mold and templates. They are man-made veneer sheets designed to replicate natural veneer's distinctive grain patterns.
Melamine - Melamine finish is identical in color and texture to natural wood veneer finish and lower in cost. A wood grain series, modern pattern series and a plain color series is available.
Natural Wood Veneer Finish - Every wood type has a unique color and texture and all veneer finishes are made from natural wood.
Customized Finish - Alternative finishes are available, including Formica® plastic laminate and paint.

EN 717-1, Meets Class E1* (*Low emission MDF core upon request)

EN13501-1, Class B-s1-d0* (*Red core upon request)

Acoustic Performance
VenueWood™ is specifically designed to reduce and control reverberated (echo) noise in building interiors.

VenueWood™ Datasheet (PDF)


VenueWood - EV01

VenueWood - EV01 White Wood
VenueWood - EV02 White Maple
VenueWood - EV04 White Oak
VenueWood - EV03 American Oak
VenueWood - EV05 Whitewash Dyed Oak
VenueWood - EV07 Silver Pear
VenueWood - EV06 Dyed Oak
VenueWood - EV08 Yellow Oak
VenueWood - EV12 Wenge
VenueWood - EV09 Walnut
VenueWood - EV10 Black Walnut
VenueWood - EV11 Thailand Teak
VenueWood - EV13 Black Apricot
VenueWood - M13 Elegant Walnut
VenueWood - M12 Dark Walnut
VenueWood - M11 Walnut
VenueWood - M01 White
VenueWood - M02 Off White
VenueWood - M03 Light Maple
VenueWood - M05 Maple
VenueWood - M04 White Oak
VenueWood - M06 Oak
VenueWood - M09 Light Walnut
VenueWood - M10 Teak
VenueWood - M07 Beech
VenueWood - M08 Cherry
Base Color